• Buffet Guard 70"x 30"H


    The Buffet Guard is a great solution for buffets and other high traffic areas to engage with guests.   This Buffet Guard is twice as high as an ordinary sneeze guard so it protects both the person behind and in front.  The optimal space at the bottom allows for any plates or other items to be securely slid to the guest.  

    Base plates are made from 1/2" steel to give you a sturdy and 25 lbs weighted base per side. The rest of the support structure is made from aluminum which makes it durable but light weight.

    With the base plates being offset it allows you to push the guard out farther if needed,also acrylic guard is able to be adjusted at different angles.

    The  guard is made from 1/4" clear acrylic, with opposite bends on either long side to add rigidity.

    All items are designed and manufactured in the United States, so custom requests are available for quoting.

    The main difference between this guard and others is that it is specifically designed for the hotel catering business. Easy to set up and tear down, plus along with its cart easy to store and transport.

    Quantity discounts available.